Our story

Tracing back to the roots of our honey, the GMO-forbidden lands of the beautiful Belarus gave birth to both our Co-Founder Dzmitry and Apiterra. Despite being a son of a second-generation beekeeper, Dzmitry was not interested in honey growing up. As a child, he preferred chocolate and other sugary confections to the natural sweetness of honey. After facing years of chronic illness and low immunity it was clear he needed to take a break from the refined sugars he had long adored. With Dzmitry’s undying love for sweets paired with his health conditions, his father was now more motivated than ever to find a creative solution. Through hand-mixing dried cranberries with raw honey, he finally convinced his son to give honey a chance. This time, Dzmitry could not refuse, for cranberries were his favorite fruit! Dzmitry experienced the magic of pure raw honey, and the rest is history.


A few decades later, Dzmitry moved to the U.S. and near cried tears of sadness upon realizing the honey sold on grocery store shelves simply could not compare. Disappointed with the syrupy and often artificially sweetened “honeys” offered, Dzmitry couldn’t believe his eyes and the lies. Waves of nostalgia and a deep craving for pure raw honey inspired him to recreate his father’s secret recipe. A few phone calls to Belarus and months of experimentation later, Apiterra’s first signature superfood infused honey was ready to launch. He knew he was onto something sweet, when his small booth at the local farmer’s market continuously sold out of Superhoney, week after week. One year and 5 flavors later, Apiterra is now proud to be in over 350 retail locations across the U.S., serving up Superhoney to families and foodies all over.


With 3 ingredients or less per jar, we make the best superfood honey by far! Our unique way of whipping the honey, creates a RAW creamy product-not runny. All the health benefits of raw honey and more, create an experience tastebuds adore.